The White River North Niche extends from White River Narrows to the edge of Ash Springs. For our purposes, it is bounded on the Northwest by forested Timber Mountain in the Seaman Range and by the dry Hiko Range on the Southeast. It includes two public sites: White River Narrows and Mount Irish.

The White River is an ancient river, now largely subterranean. It feeds many of the springs such as Ash Springs and Crystal Springs that feed the Pahranagat Valley and Lakes. It continues further south under the Pahranagat Wash to feed the Muddy River, where it bubbles up as warm springs providing the perfect environment of the Moapa Dace, a small fish endemic to this area.

White River Narrows marks the northern terminus of the Pahranagat culture. This Niche encompasses the two major public sites and a number of other sites that are much less well-known, often isolated, and fascinating in their own right. Both public sites have published guides to the main sites of the broader area, but there are many intriguing smaller sites nearby. These other sites require further exploring and off-road transportation.

I am told that the White River bed also formed the boundary between the Shoshone and its off-shoot, the Commanche, in Nevada.

Lincoln County, unlike Clark County, with the cooperation of the Bureau of Land Management, encourages public visitation to at least some sites. The County has an excellent brochure giving detailed information, including directions to a number of excellent sites, including the Mount Irish and Curtis Canyon. At least a high clearance vehicle is recommended to both these sites. For this guide to public sites in Lincoln County, get a copy of the Lincoln County, Nevada Rock Art Guide.

Facilities in Ash Spring and Alamo, Nevada. Further east is Caliente, Nevada,which houses the local office of the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM is the responsible agency for most of these sites.

Approximate travel time to base at Alamo, NV: 97 miles; one hour, 29 minutes.

If you detect any vandalism, suspicious activity or desire further information contact the Ely District office at HC33 box 33500, Ely, Nevada 8931-9408. (phone 1-800-633-6092, 775-289-1800).

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