The Pahroc Range is the dominant mountain range bounding the broader Pahranagat Valley. It is divided into two parts: Pahroc North and Pahroc South.

For our purposes, Pahroc North includes Six Mile Flat and the Pahroc Summit: it features the Big Rocks Wilderness. Pahroc South includes Eight Mile Valley and the Delamar Dry Lake areas and features the South Pahroc Range Wilderness.

It is not unusual to explore through the Pahroc Range for days on end and see no other human being. For example, a portion of the area populated by large boulders is known as “Mecca” to rock climbers, although I have yet to see a climber in the area. In fact, unless I guided friends and family up there, I have never seen another human being. Rather nice, actually.

As we will explore in more detail later in these pages, a Winter Solstice event, high on one of the ridge, is one of the most dramatic events in Southern Nevada, weather and road conditions permitting.

This area remains one of the more relatively unexplored areas in our area. Four wheel drive, high clearance required with plenty of extra water and food.

Largely managed by the Bureau of Land Management, this Niche has no public rock art sites. That said, as the slideshow above demonstrates, it is well worth your research and exploration as it contains some of the most hauntingly beautiful rock art sites in our areas of consideration.

Facilities located at Alamo, Nevada and Caliente, Nevada. Fuel at Ash Springs, Nevada.

Approximate travel time to base at Alamo, NV: 97 miles; one hour, 29 minutes.

If you detect any vandalism, suspicious activity or desire further information contact the Ely District office of the Bureau of Land Management  at HC33 box 33500, Ely, Nevada 8931-9408. (phone 1-800-633-6092, 775-289-1800).


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