Generally dry, Meadow Valley Wash is a major drainage into the Muddy and Virgin Rivers. It originates in what is known as Spring Valley State Park near Pioche and terminates at Moapa, Nevada. It is subject to frequent violent flash flooding, often taking out the road through Rainbow Canyon, which contains the public sites.

Throughout the centuries of human occupation, sites with water have attracted the ancient peoples and those who have come afterwards. The cabin and historical figures depicted on one of the above panels demonstrates the enduring attraction of a stable water source.

There is one public site along the bank of the Meadow Valley Wash. Much of the road bordering the railroad that follows much of the Meadow Valley Wash is closed to the public. The Rainbow Canyon portion of Meadow Valley Wash has multiple stops that are described in a Lincoln County Rock Art Guide. Meadow Valley Wash also supported an old homestead that shared its spring water with ancient rock art.

Facilities for the public site along Meadow Valley Wash are located in Caliente, Nevada. The responsible agency is the Bureau of Land Management with an office in Caliente.

Approximate travel time to base at Caliente, N: 152 miles; two hours, 19 minutes.

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