The Pahranagat Wash is the southernmost segment of the ancient White River. For our purposes, it extends from Coyote Springs in the north past the southern tip of the Arrow Range to the Moapa Valley where it joins the Muddy River. At its terminus is the Moapa Valley Wildlife Preserve, home to the endangered Moapa Dace and other hot springs supported fish and well worth a visit.

There is one public site in this complex: Lower Arrow Canyon. The Pahranagat Wash itself, however, is a complex of canyons and probably trade routes. A number of these contain spectacular rock art.

In one of its side canyons we found a panel which may contain three anthropomorphs, one of which might be the southernmost image of thePahranagat Man. In the future, we will discuss this panel.

A fascinating site nearby is the home of the Moapa Dace, an endangered fish that lives only in the warm water following from the underground White River into the Muddy River. The US Fish and Wildlife Service site is a delightful spot, hosted by volunteers, and open on weekends near Warm Springs, Nevada.

Facilities located in Glendale, Nevada (fuel) and Mesquite,Nevada or Las Vegas. Responsible agency is the Bureau of Land Management.

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