The west slope of the Spring Mountains, which in turn form the western frame for the Las Vegas Valley, have a number of deep canyons that supported life and living. Here there are springs, and where there are springs, there is often rock art.

The trailheads require serious off-road transportation, but the long vehicle approaches are quite worthwhile. These canyons house some of the most delightful rock art to be found in the area. No sites are public, and most are not well-known outside the rock art communities.

There is an interesting story behind the Bog Horn Sheep panel in the slide show above. It was stolen by a resident of Pahrump. It was returned to its present location by helicopter by the US Forest Service.

Facilities are located  in Pahrump. Nevada. Responsible agencies are the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.

Approximate travel time to base at Pahrump, NV: 59 miles; one hour, three minutes.

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