Featuring Valley of Fire State Park

This Niche includes the famous Valley of Fire State Park, which houses some wonderful rock art and solar interactions, as well as spectacular scenery.  The Muddy Mountains form part of the framing of the greater Las Vegas Valley. They also form a northern boundary of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Ruggedly beautiful, they are primarily composed of limestone, but hold niches of sandstone that supported life and living. Valley of Fire also has some of the most remarkable solar interactions we have experienced.

We have also visited a fascinating nonpublic site. We are still exploring other rock art sites reported to be in the region.

East of Valley of Fire  is the town of Overton, which houses the Lost City Museum. Because so many of the sites are public sites, we may, in time, more fully document these sites on these pages. Mindful that we are working to promote civic responsibility, we will work with the State Park officials to see what they are comfortable with. Expect future updates of this niche.

Facilities located in Las Vegas, Overton, and the Moapa Travel Center, just off I-15, which often has lower priced fuel and always has great food.


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